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Laura Granere's Pledge to Inclusive Education and Intellectual Freedom, Right Here in Franklin, TN

About Laura

I'm deeply rooted in Williamson County - my four children are proud attendees of our local schools, and I now have the joy of watching my three grandchildren embark on their educational journeys here. This personal connection fuels my commitment to the excellence of our schools, reflecting both my experience as a Williamson County parent and my dedication to the future of all our children.

Laura Granere for School Board

Laura Granere Announces Candidacy for Williamson County School Board

Franklin, TN – Long-time Williamson County resident and dedicated community member, Laura Granere, officially announces her candidacy for the Williamson County School Board. With a deep-rooted connection to the county through her family's educational journey and a steadfast commitment to service, Laura aims to ensure that the county’s education system continues to excel and adapt for future generations.

A Personal Investment in Education

Laura's commitment to Williamson County's schools is more than professional; it's personal. As a mother of four Williamson County school graduates and a grandmother to three current and future students in the district, Laura understands the importance of maintaining a high standard of education in the community. Her firsthand experience as a parent and substitute teacher in the district provides her with unique insights into the educational needs of our children.

Community Involvement and Service

Laura's extensive volunteer work demonstrates her dedication to the community. She has been actively involved in local sports teams, church youth groups, and camps, fostering a spirit of teamwork and faith among the youth. Her work with Kids on Stage and JAMS art camps from 2006 to 2011 highlights her commitment to celebrating and nurturing the artistic talents of Williamson County’s students.

As the current Chair of the Criminal Justice Committee in the Nashville chapter of the NAACP, Laura champions values of fairness and justice, which are integral to a thriving community. Her involvement in various community-unifying committees further showcases her commitment to bringing people together for the common good.

A Vision for the Future

Laura's campaign focuses on preserving the integrity of Williamson County’s educational standards while embracing necessary advancements to prepare students for a successful future. She advocates for a balanced and truthful approach to education, ensuring that our children learn from a rich and diverse curriculum that respects our heritage and prepares them for global challenges.

Laura Granere is a candidate who stands for educational excellence, community unity, and a forward-looking vision. Her campaign is a call to action for all who believe in a strong, inclusive, and dynamic educational system in Williamson County.

About Laura Granere

Laura Granere is a dedicated community member, parent, and grandparent in Williamson County, TN. With a rich history of service and involvement in the local education system, Laura is committed to ensuring that the county’s schools continue to provide exceptional and balanced education to all students.

What Laura Stands For

  • Intellectual Freedom

  • Inclusive Education

  • Local Empowerment

  • Transparent Communication

  • Equal Opportunities for All

Paid for by Laura Granere for School Board, Melissa Fraser, Treasurer

Paid for by Laura Granere for School Board, Melissa Fraser, Treasurer